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The school is located within the Central Zone of Nakuru Municipality.

The school was started by Fr. Bohan in 1965 under the Catholic Diocese of Lodwar.  It started off as a catholic school to serve the growing number of Africans in Nakuru Town.  This was a follow – up to establishment of primary schools by the church namely St. Teresa in Kivumbini, St. Paul, St. Mary’s girls and St. Joseph’s primary school.

In 1965, it admitted the first 40 boys.  In 1966 a second stream was started to cater for the girls.  It was and has been purely a Day school.  Around that time only Menengai High School and Nakuru High School existed serving Asian community and white settlers with a few privileged Africans respectfully.  The African boys and girls had to rely on schools outside Nakuru.

It should be noted that even as it was handed over to the Government, the church still has influence over the school in various areas.  One, the land on which it still stands is owned by the church.  Two, the Chairmanship of the Board of Management was a preserve of th e Bishop with Bishop Ndingi serving from 1969 to later on hand over to Bishop Peter Kairo.

The current Chairman, Mr. Michael Kihu Kimani has been seconded to the school by the church.

The school remained with two streams till 1972 admitting 80 boys and 40 girls.

In 2008 the experimental double shift by the Government was introduced where learners were expected to attend classes in shifts.  It did not succeed but brought many challenges owing to the large numbers.  The school currently has 793 students; boys as majority at 491 and 302 girls.

The numbers are still a challenge as the school now has 4 streams but using the facilities of three streams.

The roofing is yet another challenge as the materials used has been declared a health hazard by the Government.  There are plans to replace with iron sheets as it has happened with the very first block.

The school has continued to maintain good results over the past years with the trend in the past five.

The school currently has 29 teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission while 4 are employed by the Board of Management.
Non Teaching Staff are 16 all employed by the Board of Management.

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